"Busis", what does it mean? Where does it come from?

“Our neigbour’s cat always came to our garden and into our house doing mischievous and funny things. In Swedish, “busig” means “mischievous”.

We changed the the last letter in the name with an “s” as it sounded cuter and apparently cat loves to hear “s” in their names, so it became “Busis”.
When I started the drawings, “Busis” came to my mind straight away and as no one else was using this name, I registered “Busis” also as a Trademark, to protect my books.
We recently got to know that our neighbour’s cat is called “Orio”. Our family still has a great laugh about this story.”
Désirée Gianetti-Nötzli


The story 

Busis is a cat that loves languages, life and to learn. Busis’s adventures are there to not only get familiar with a language but also to cultivate the positive thinking and to find solutions in all situations.


Désirée Gianetti-Nötzli

Our Story

The multilingualism has helped Désirée in all kind of situations. To be able to communicate with people in their language just makes everything so much easier and this counts for any private or professional matter. She would like to give this opportunity to all children, at an early age, to be able to get familiar with at least one other language and to make sure to stay connected with the family’s home language.

Désirée was brought up in a multicultural and bilingual environment. Her
bilingualism was reinforced when she moved as a child from Switzerland to Sweden.

Her interest in languages brought her to move abroad, as an 18-year-old.
For 6 years she traveled to different countries to study the language and the culture where she was living, whilst also working, hence the multilingualism.

Désirée finally settled down in Geneva and worked in an international company for many years, where she could use her language skills daily and to continue to travel worldwide. When her twins were born, she got inspired to create the multilingual concept and the series of Busis, which she now is focusing on full time.

It took over one year and a half to put the multilingual concept together with its illustrations and text. Also, to finalize the concept and to get feedback and critics, Désirée went to different nurseries in Switzerland and France, with a draft of three books of Busis adventures.

She also took advice from one nursery pedagogic specialist and one education and pedagogue professor from Geneva’s University for further input. She is very grateful for all advise she has received.

Environmental Sustainability

Ecology and sustainability are our priorities. All books can be found on-line. 

However, to hold your first book in your hand as a child is a feeling that cannot be replaced so all Busis books are also printed, on recycled paper.